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Culture what? Culturevore celebrates your successful transformation from consumer to patron, a person who champions a mission or a cause that advances the “greater good,” thus building a better future. This is achieved through "culturevore.com," a free online directory that encourages the public to discover and connect to the the stewardship field with strategic holistic intentions. It inspires and facilitates essential revenue generating streams gained from events hosting, shopping, dining, membership, and direct donation building. Nonprofit institutions and social enterprises that are dedicated stewards of our cultural, natural, and human resources qualify as recipients of this venture philanthropical support. The general public gains consolidated, readily-accessible information not available from any other single source.



culturevore.com will launch Early 2023

Culturevore's ambition is to become the most comprehensive, integrated, online service dedicated to sustaining the stewardship field. With the Culturevore Program, the Institute for Venture Philanthropy successfully turns value-based spending into value-based investing. 


Prior to COVID 19, the global management consulting firm Bain & Company, reported that nearly half of consumers say they are buying fewer products and more experiences. And according to Euromonitor, a market researcher, forecasted that the global expenditure on the experience economy, (defined as leisure, recreation, travel and food services), would grow from what it was in 2016 -- 5.8 trillion dollars to 8 trillion dollars in 2030. 


In the article, "COVID-19 and the Rise of the New Experience Economy," Guleen and Chanpreet Kaur write that the "pandemic is here to teach the lesson of building experiences that are robust enough to survive the plunges in the market, personalized enough to retain loyalties, cohesive enough to not get diluted with a change in channel of offering and dramatic enough to keep the engagement alive at all times." 


Successfully expanding individual stewardships of all kinds and sizes is the result of engaging the greatest number of people who are passionate about culture, nature, and well-being. "A rising tide lifts all boats." This is why so many profiles of Stewardship's best places and spaces are added to culturevore's website on a weekly basis. Visitors to culturevore.com will always discover newly-posted worthy support opportunities. A newsletter conveniently provides updates on topics relevant to an intimate relationship with the Stewardship field."